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From dental work to cosmetic surgery, there is a wide range of medical procedures offered in Costa Rica. We’ve boiled down some of the most common and listed them here. The specialties most sought by medical tourists include dentistry, gynecology, preventive medicine, plastic surgery, orthopedics, bariatric, etc. Other specialties include general surgery and dermatology. For in-depth information on any individual procedure, please contact GuanaHealth . The waiting time, cost, and recovery for each procedure is different. If you are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica for a medical procedure, research the specifics of what is involved.

The following list compiles the most common specialties and procedures:

 Dentists: implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures.

 Plastic surgeons: plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery.

 General surgeons: gastric bypass, gastric sleeve.

 Orthopedic surgeons: hip, knee, and shoulder replacements.

 Dermatologists: laser removals, Botox.

Medical Process, Services & Advantages.

1.Guanahealth Sends Client Initial Information about accommodations place, price quotes & Providers.

2.Guanahelath Requests Medical History, Tests, Etc. Which Will Help With Assessment Of The Case.

3.Providers Review Medical Records and a Quote Is Provided For the Procedure.

4.Conference Call with Doctor.

5.Procedure Scheduled.

6.Waiver Signed & Returned Clearly Outlining Role In The Process.

7.Deposit Or Full Payment Made: Commitment From The Patient.

8.Accommodations Arranged.

9.Patient Receives Detailed Itinerary And Information About Upcoming Medical Visit.

10.Patient Arrives, Is Met by a Guanahealth’s Representative, and Checks into accommodation place/ Recovery Center.

11.Patient Is Welcomed by Guanahealth staff, Initial Consultation, Evaluation, Pre-Tests.

12.Patient Undergoes Procedure.

13.Patient is discharged to accommodation place Or Recovery Center and Follow-Up Protocols Initiated.

14.Follow-Up Evaluation with Doctor and Discharge from Care.

15.Patient Returns Home.

16.Facilitator Follows-Up with Patient and Monitors Recovery Process.

17.Leverage Positive Patient Experiences.


Guanahealth can help you consult with the best doctors in Costa Rica, in an internationally accredited hospital and can discuss your case and get back to you providing the consultation from the doctor and the treatment/surgery advised. We also establish an online video conferencing so as to make the patient and the doctor interact face to face before the patient makes his mind for medical travel. Please note that all the medical consultation before the patient goes ahead for medical travel, is absolutely free of cost and obligation free.

Care Abroad: The support team at Guanahealth provides constant follow up and support for care abroad after the patient leaves for his home, via emails, telephonic conversations or a face to face interactive doctor-patient session over the internet.

Medical Treatments

Guanahealth provides access to a plethora of medical treatments available across some of the most advanced hospitals equipped with state of the art equipment and a pool of the internationally qualified doctors. We strive to provide you the most competitive prices for a variety of treatments that are unparalleled across the world. For example, the cost of knee replacement surgery in Costa Rica or dental implants cost is around 40% to 60% as compared to the costs of surgery in the US.

Some of these treatments are: Dental Treatments, Cosmetic Surgeries, Orthopaedics, Oncology/Cancer Treatment, Cardiac Care/Heart Treatment (adult and pediatric), Bariatric/Obesity Treatment, Opthalmology/Eye Care, NeuroSurgery, Renal Care / Urology, Gynaecology, ENT/Otolaryngology, Gastroenterology, Spinal Surgery, Stem Cell Treatment, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Airport Pick and Drop

Guanahealth picks the patients and the attendants from the airport on their arrival in Costa Rica and also drops to the airport once the patients and the attendants head back to their home country after being healed. Guanahealth also provides for Ambulance equipped with life support system to assist patients who are critical, right on their arrival at the airport.

Local Transport

Guanahealth provides a dedicated cab for the patients or the attendants to travel to and fro from the hospital to the accommodation place and vice versa, or for other requirements. The local cab and the driver is just a call away. Throughout the process of medical travel we assist the patients and the attendants for their movements to accommodation place, hospital, shopping.

Ambulance Services

Guanahealth provides ambulance equipped with all life support equipment, wheel chairs and nursing staff to patients who are critical or are unable to travel in the cab comfortably, on their arrival the airport and during the course of further treatments and stay.

Cost effective accommodation

Guanahealth provides cost effective accommodation in guest houses and hotels in Costa Rica, which is very close to the hospital where the patient is being treated. We provide accommodation as per the affordability and the preferences of the patients. We make sure that the patient and the attendants feel at home throughout the process of medical travel. For procedures requiring comparatively longer stays, we provide accommodations that are very nominally priced and ensure that the total expenditure on the medical travel remains affordable. We also arrange a full time nurse who could assist the patients while at the accommodation place.


Guanahealth has a staff who can communicate effectively in English. They can understand the concerns and the requirements of the patients and can make the entire process of medical travel a pleasant experience just like Home. Language is never going to be a barrier in the entire process of your medical travel.

Local Communication

Guanahealth provides a mobile handset with a local sim card to the patients/attendants so as to assist to be in constant touch with our team. Throughout the process of medical tourism in Costa Rica, Guanahealth support executives are available 24*7 for any sort of assistance.

The local SIM card can also be purchased from the store in town.

Multi-cuisine food

Guanahealth provide access to multi-cuisine food to the global patients as per their preferences and food habits. For most of the patients food becomes really important not only for nutrition, strength and sustenance but gives a sense of belongingness to an institution that cares.

Tourism Packages

Along with medical tourism in Costa Rica, We also provide leisure tourism packages all over Costa Rica to some of the most incredible locations like surfer’s paradise, heavenly beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and other tourist locations at affordable prices. We arrange water activities tours, rainforest tours, wildlife safaris, adventure tours, Costa Rica is a land of historical monuments, diverse culture, abundant flora and fauna and wonderful landscapes. Costa Rica is quite literally a tropical paradise. More than a million visitors come here every year to explore the lush rainforests, enjoy the miles of unspoiled coastline and sample the rich local culture. Visitors can use our in-depth guides to figure out what to do in Costa Rica.

Advantages of Using a GuanaHealth Medical Facilitator

One Stop Shopping

The convenience of being able to choose and access information about a variety of destinations, hospitals, procedures, and services at one location, instead of having to contact each hospital piecemeal. Contact us and request a price estimate for a particular procedure from different hospitals or clinics, and then choose which provider better serves their needs and budget. In addition, once they have made a decision to come To Costa Rica, the Guanahealth's facilitator can usually take care of all your travel logistics.

Language and Cultural Barriers are minimized

If you are traveling from overseas, contacting some hospitals can be challenging due to time zone differences, language barriers, and cultural differences. Guanahealth already has the right contacts and a tried and true process in place with our clinics and hospitals. Additionally, you will be dealing with people who speak your own language and have a better understanding of the obstacles they face in order to get from point A to point B.

Established Relationships with International Hospitals

We have already done the groundwork to make sure a patient’s chosen hospital and doctor are duly accredited and licensed. Guanahelath has a system to make the medical tourism process safe and smooth.

Convenient Transfer of Medical Information

As relationships and systems are already in place, we have the ability to quickly transfer a patient’s medical information including large image files such as CT’s and MRI’s.

Specialist knowledge and expertise

We work with the best hospitals and clinics to find the treatment you want at the best price.


We understand your condition and know exactly what you need to make your trip a success.

Reduced rates

Guanahealth agencies can get access to special deals and discounts not available to the public, including discounts on your treatments.

Complete medical tourism packages

Our agency will deal with every aspect of your trip, from door to door, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

One price

By using Guanahealth, everything will be included, so it will be easier to budget for your trip and you’ll have no unexpected expenses.

Someone to call

Just like a holiday rep, your medical tourism agency gives you someone to turn to when you need help. Without their support you are on your own in a foreign country with no experience of the local system.

What Services Do Medical Tourism Facilitators Provide?

The services Guanahealth provide are designed to facilitate a smooth medical tourism process for both patients and medical providers and usually include:

 Providing price quotes.

 Arranging the transfer of medical records.

 Coordinating video conference calls between patient and surgeon.

 Collecting payment.

 Arranging travel logistic services such as taxes, lodging and transportation.

 Providing a main point of contact while the patient is at the hospital.

 Following up with patients after they return home.

Taking care of you from the very begining until you are completely recovered, you will always have a staff memeber supporting your needs and desires.