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Boat and Snorkel Tours.

  Papagayo Gulf. Guanacaste Province.

Half day tour.

  • Many types of fish, eels, octopus, and other creatures.
  • Majestic and beautiful coastline.
  • Dolphins, whales, turtles, and rays.
  • Secluded beaches, caves and estuaries.
  • Private tours with specialized service.

The beautiful Gulf of Papagayo offers year-round surprises for those who wish to stay above the water. With good visibility, snorkelers can see many different types of reef fish, moray eels, octopus, and even seahorses. If the small creatures aren’t enough for you, your lucky day might just consist of snorkeling with turtles, manta rays, dolphins, or whale sharks!

Our tours don’t stop with snorkeling. Within a 30-minute radius of our beach we will happily zip you around in search of playful surface creatures. Depending on the season we are able to see mating sea turtles, countless curious dolphins, massive humpback whales with their calves, and again, the impressive whale shark.

The most beautiful part of Costa Rica’s coastline is what is inaccessible by land. We are able to take you away from the other tourists, the hotels, and civilization and bring you to an isolated beach that is the vision of paradise. Whether you want to stay the whole day, a quick snorkel from the shore, or simply to explore a cave or two, there is no place that is off-limits.