Guaitil Workshop.
Chorotega Essence in a craft workshop.


A craftsman from the village of Guaitil, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste will show you its secrets about the art of Pre-Colombian pottery; original pieces of Chorotega ceramics, unique in Central America with Designation of Origin seal. Inherited techniques from generation to generation, attached to its origin, using materials extracted from the area and natural tools, to create original designs, shapes and colors of Guatil ceramic pieces. The whole Guatil village has been dedicated for more than 5000 years to the art of pottery and its sale; they created an economic system that support the villagers. They used clay from the area and a Pre-Colombian style. Tradition, art and love reflected in creations of pots, jugs, vases and other pieces that sing to beauty, love, the sun and to God.



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