Gulf of Papagayo Boat Tour

Remember those long summer days spent by the lake? The cool uncle always had a boat with all the fun water sports. You would spend good time on the water either in the boat or paddling around on SUP. The younger kiddos would hang out and play with their sand toys by the shore. Your parents spent their time hanging out around the BBQ and picnic table sharing stories and beers. Some of the best memories of summer, right? Now imagine that same memory, but in a tropical setting. Palm trees, white sandy beaches, warm sunshine, refreshingly crystal-clear water…that memory just got a little bit more dreamy right! Well, we have the perfect excursion in Papagayo to help you make that dream a reality and create new lasting memories. This time from your Costa Rica vacation. Introducing our Family Fun Day + BBQ Beach Break in Papagayo

What To Expect


Begin with 8am pickup at your home, then travel to the boat dock to begin your day on the Gulf of Papagayo. Work with a local guide to create the perfect itinerary for your group, whether you’re interested in finding, exploring remote beaches, spotting dolphins or whales that appear seasonally,fishing or just relaxing in the sunshine. Take in some of the beaches in the Gulf of Papagayo and Snake Bay, then land at a remote beach for a barbecue on the sand. Enjoy a comfortable beach set up as the guide serves a meal of freshly grilled chicken or fish, and side dishes, along with cool water, juice, soda, and beer. After lunch is your time to snorkeling on the beatiful reefs of the bay, and if desired, you can take a hike along the beach with the guide. Board the boat for the return trip to your original departure point, where you’ll meet a driver for the return trip to your home.


• 4.5 hours on the place
• Admission Ticket Included.
• 15 minutes from Peninsula de Papagayo


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