Llanos de Cortez waterfall:

Your bilingual tour guide will pick you up and drive you on the way to Tenorio National Park in the volcano area. First stop will be at The Llanos del Cortés waterfalls, surrounded by lush vegetation, its waters form a beautiful curtain falls, forming a pond or pool where you can swim or just cool off and enjoy the beautiful surroundings where magic is complemented by the sound of falling water. Furthermore, this oasis offers the particularity of having a beach of clear sands, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the falling water. The safety of its refreshing waters and the variety of flora and fauna in such a small size make it an ideal place to visit.

• 1.5 hours from Península de  Papagayo
• 30 minutes on the place
• Admission Ticket Included


Sloth and wildlife encounter


Here is where you will see sloths and other wildlife. Follow our guide through a private nature reserve at the base of Tenorio Volcano, this little hike is a fantastic opportunity for unforgettable experiences in one of Costa Rica’s most unique hidden gems. The mountainous rainforest and volcanic region of Tenorio offers beautiful views, exotic vegetation, and animal diversity. You will have the chance to encounter the animals of the rain forest such as sloths, tree frogs, toucans, butterflies, and many kinds of birds on a small walk through a privately run property perfectly preserved in the northern rain forest region.

• 2 hours on the place
• Admission Ticket Included
• 45 minutes from Las Hornillas Volcanic mud and hot Springs.


Optional activities:
Pick one of the following activities to complete your


Tenorio & Corobici
boat River Floating:


This gentle float tour down the Corobici and Tenorio river is fun for all ages, and a great way to experience the beauty and wildlife of the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.It’s an especially fantastic tour for bird watching! Aracaris, parrots, motmots, cuckoos, laughing falcons, kingfishers, sungrebes, egrets, wood storks, ospreys, trogons, Jabiru storks, and seven species of herons have all been seen along the Corobici River. Other wildlife that lives in the area includes howler and white-faced monkeys, otters, coatis, iguanas, and crocodiles. This is not a whitewater rafting tour. The section of river you will travel is very calm – rated class 1-2 with moderate waves. The river guide will row the raft during the trip while you relax and enjoy the sights. After finishing our incredible experience in the river, we will return to the starting point where we will have our delicious typical Costa Rican lunch:

• 2 hours on the place
• Admission Ticket Included
• 20 minutes from Llanos de
Cortez waterfall


Tree chocolate farm tour


Enjoy the sweetest rainforest experience, discovering the ancient secrets of chocolate at the Tree Chocolate farm, from its discovery and use in tropical America to the processing of the product as we know it and enjoy today. In this tour you will have the opportunity to learn interesting aspects of cocoa and chocolate from its origins and history, participate in all the production process from the harvesting of the fruit to the drying and grinding of the seed, the developing of the traditional drink of our ancestors, and of course, enjoying a high-quality organic chocolate sampling

• 2 hours on the place
• Admission Ticket Included
• 15 minutes from Sloth and wildlife encounter

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Hanging bridges:


This eco-tour is a hiking-relaxing experience in the rainforest. You’ll be surrounded by animals, a variety of vegetation and amazing views. You will pass over suspension bridges and through colorful canopies, watching various types of wildlife, insects and flowers that are beyond imagination. For this reason, we consider the Heliconias Rainforest Tour, ideal for nature lovers.

• 1.5 hours on the place
• Admission Ticket Included.
• 15 minutes from Sloth and wildlife encounter


Horseback riding through the rainforest:

Connect with nature and explore the beauty of the rainforest on a horseback ride through the lush primary and secondary rain forest surrounding Costa Rica’s most famous river (blue river). Ride a well-trained horse along leafy jungle trails and across rivers on a private farm, Slow down and appreciate the area’s amazing biodiversity as a nature guide points out native plant species and wildlife like monkeys, sloths and exotic birds learn about native flora and fauna and spot wildlife, get a chance to refresh and swim in this natural environment in the famous blue river.

• 2 hours on the place
• Admission Ticket Included
• 15 minutes from Sloth and wildlife encounter.


Blue river:

To complete this memorable tour experience, our guide will escort you to a paradisiac and private area for some relaxation and swimming in the famous blue river of Rio Celeste (not the waterfall) situated on Tenorio Volcano.

• 40 minutes on the place
• Admission Ticket Included.
• 15 minutes from Sloth and wildlife

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