Tenorio rainforest, Sloth and wildlife encounter:


Nestled in a lush valley between two dormant volcanoes (Miravalles and Tenorio) is the town of Bijagua. Home to sloths, colorful birds and frogs, magic blue river and more. For visitors.
Here is where you will see sloths and other wildlife. Follow our guide through a private nature reserve at the base of Tenorio Volcano, this little hike is a fantastic opportunity for unforgettable experiences in one of Costa Rica’s most unique hidden gems. The mountainous rainforest and volcanic region of Tenorio offers beautiful views, exotic vegetation, and animal diversity. You will have the chance to encounter the animals of the rain forest such as sloths, tree frogs, toucans, butterflies, and many kinds of birds on a small walk through a privately run property perfectly preserved in the northern rain forest region

• 1.5 hours on the place
• Admission Ticket Included.
• 50 minutes from Las Hornillas


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