In order for the world to continue running, human beings need to be more in contact with nature, learn from it, feel the freedom of a life without barriers and enjoy the wonderful gift of Mother Earth; let it all flow and let the magic happen within us


Pacayas Hot Springs. You will feel you are floating in
the clouds.


Our SPA is a space in the heart of the primary rainforest, equipped by nature to relax your body, mind and spirit. It all starts with a wonderful natural sauna, after a volcanic mud bath loaded with minerals for your skin and body. Warm and enriched water flows from mountains, springs and rivers naturally mixed with volcanic veins, creating 5 hot spring pools with different temperatures accompanied by the sounds of the river, breeze and the forest´s inhabitants become an experience of unique relaxation, where your body and mind rest and your spirit is nourished. A relaxation experience without artificial ingredients, exclusive feeling of the jungle hot springs in Costa Rica.




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