Rincon de la vieja Combo Tours

A day of the perfect eco adventure

We are a center of experience and connection with nature. In this environment you will live an adventure of flying over the forest on an amazing zipline, ascending hanging bridges simulating you are in heaven, and descending at high speed through an immense fresh water slide. You will end up being caressed by hot springs that rise from the volcano to relax your body and mind.
A multi-sensory experience for the whole family, combined with delicious traditional gastronomy, grown in the garden and brought from the farm; prepared with loving hands that will take care of you. You can live the experience of a traditional sugar mill and interact with the culture and customs of our beloved, accompanied by an exquisite coffee with tortillas, milk, curd, and tanelas (sweet bread made from corn and brown sugar).
A comprehensive tourism experience where your mind, body, and spirit find the connection and relaxation in the middle of the natural state of things.
A place created by the universe for hiking lovers in Costa Rica, horseback riding to waterfalls, and bird watching in Guanacaste. For those who seek more adventure in the forest´s water slide, to those who seek wellness and relaxation and learn about new culture; coffee tour, crafts, sugar cane, and more.
A place to experience in a special way the feeling of connection with one’s own essence and magically feel the vibrations of the bond with Mother earth.
If you are looking for this kind of experience, this is the place.